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Bee and Einstein Do you have 1.5 minutes to save yourself and our planet?

David Suzuki Foundation

You’ve got till Sunday to have your say!

Dear Canadians,

In just a few days, the Ontario government will be weighing the public response to its bold proposal to restrict the use of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides.

Even if you don’t live in Ontario, you can stand up and bee counted.

The more comments in support of the proposal, the likelier it is Ontario will follow through and implement tough, regulatory restrictions on neonics — the first in North America.

Please take two minutes to tell Ontario it’s on the right track and that taking a strong lead can help influence the entire country.

Stand up for the bees, birds, butterflies! Take action now! 

Stand up for the bees, birds, butterflies! Take action now! 

Thank you for your support. The comment period closes January 25, 2015!


Lisa Gue, Researcher and Analyst
David Suzuki Foundation

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Shining Our Light: How and why do we do it?

Niagara Falls Illumination

Shining Our Light for Others Without Fear!

Most of us have heard the expression that, we need to shine our light to the world, but what does that mean exactly?

I had an interesting – illuminating experience lately that demonstrated to me what this expression means and how beautiful of a blessing it can be for the object – person, situation or the entire world – on which we are shining our light, but also what gets reflected back to us in doing so.

During the holidays of this year, I was asked to go to Niagara Falls – in fact, I was supposed to go there for New Year’s Eve to finally witness the grand illumination of the falls which I have heard about many times, but have never seen in person.  It isn’t an invitation a girl turns down lightly!

In fact, turning down things – listening to my own G.P.S. – God Positioning System – isn’t something I have a lot of practice in.  I generally live my life with the belief that we must suck the marrow out of life and go in the direction of our dreams (Henry David Thoreau), no matter what.  At times, this belief has led me to travel and meet extraordinary people and see marvelous things.  At other times, this impetuous nature, as my mother likes to call it – I like to call it spontaneity – has led me down paths that perhaps were not the easiest or the most pleasant to be on; and in God’s grace, he’s had to recalculate me back to a better one!

In this particular instance, being invited to see Niagara Falls on New Year’s Eve, I listened to my G.P.S. and declined the offer.  I knew that going down that path – even though the physical destination was going to be amazing – the journey to and from it, would not.  In other words, the person I was going to go with was someone who my G.P.S. had been telling me was not the right path to be heading down.

I declined and instantly felt the disappointment of it and as the season progressed, I repeated to myself that perhaps I should have gone; that I should have walked through that door when it opened.  However, at some point, I realized that by going over it in my mind, I was stuck in the past – of what could have been and I was stealing any joy from the present every time I thought of it.  So, I surrendered it up to God and told him, one day I’d like to see the illuminated waterfalls.

What we don’t often realize is what is taking place behind the scenes in our lives and if we did, I’m sure we’d be much more inclined to surrender things and let God put them into place for us.  What I didn’t know was that my close friends were not only moving to Niagara Falls, but that I would receive another invitation shortly after the holidays that would forever illuminate my life!

My friends, a lovely couple that I’ve known for over five years now, were eagerly awaiting my visit to see their new place and have dinner with them, but because of circumstances in  my life, I hadn’t had the time to go – nor did I really want to do the drive alone, to be honest.

However, after they asked me several times, I decided that it was time to simply make the commitment and go.  It was a Saturday evening that I planned to drive there and early in the afternoon, just before I was about to leave, I got a phone call that one of my favourite and closest aunts had passed away suddenly.  I was very sad, upset and of course, began to think that I should just stay home and tell my friends that it was too much to come and visit.

However, I suddenly remembered that another friend of mine had told me that she had never seen Niagara Falls in the winter time, and I decided to invite her along for the company.  She said she’d love to come and was very excited about seeing the falls.  I told her, however that my friends didn’t live right in the area and we’d probably just be seeing the waterfalls from a distance.

When we arrived for dinner, we shared a lovely meal with my friends and after dinner, my friend Jay, said, “Let’s get you girls in the car.  I want to show you something.”  I couldn’t imagine what, but we obliged him, got our coats on and piled in the car.

As he began to drive towards the falls, I assumed he was just going to drive by them so we could see them.  When he pulled in and up around an old circular stone building and parked, I had no idea what we were doing.  He got out and said, “Follow me girls!”  We followed him to an old steel door and he knocked on it, holding a cup of coffee for someone I assumed was inside.  When we entered, Jay introduced us to an older gentleman who worked in the dilapidated old building.  “Girls, ” Jay said, “how would you like to not only see the lights of Niagara Falls, but actually be able to change the colour of them?”

He led us out another steel door on the other side and instantly, we heard the roar of the falls just metres away.  The first thing I saw were huge, beaming lights – of purple, red, blue and yellow casting their beautiful beams over the parkway towards the illuminated falls.

We entered a tiny galley like room and were shown these contraptions that looked liked computers from the 1980’s era.  There on the screen were buttons, the same colours as the beaming lights and we could choose whatever ones we liked, and then step out into the cold night air and watch as the roaring waterfalls, changed their colour to what we chose for them, right before our eyes.  I cannot express my or my friend’s  excitement at that moment – it was like we were two little girls given a puppy at Christmas.  Our childhood enthusiasm exuded from us as we played with these mammoth, colourful lights.


As I watched not only the Canadian, but also the American waterfalls change the colours that I chose from a remote computer, I realized some invaluable lessons:

Firstly, I had listened to my G.P.S. – my intuition – a month earlier and surrendered the idea – and hope – of seeing the falls illuminated during the winter season and here I was not only seeing them, but actually controlling their illumination and the experience of it was pure joy.  I realized that whatever it is we think is being taken from us or delayed; God will restore it – bring it to us in His time, better than we could possibly imagine.

Secondly, I learned how important it is to shine our lights out to the world, because we each have our own unique colours to shine for people and when we do this, it also becomes an illuminating experience for us as well.

Thirdly, as I watched the remote stage lights send forth their light; the beams were very visible in the mist of the falls and I became aware that they are made of millions of light particles and lit up the entire night sky as well.  Isn’t this like our light, when we shine it out to the world, it isn’t simply the person we are shining it on, but people around us that also can see and feel it’s brilliance?

Fourthly; many times in my life I have hid my “light under a bushel” {Luke 8:16-18} because I was afraid that I was too much for people.  As the youngest of seven, you get told this a lot as your older siblings do not want to hang out and play ‘Barbies’ with you, despite how exciting you think it might be!  I was also told this by teachers because I asked too many questions; friends, because I thought differently than most kids; and in relationships because they thought my hair was “too big, I wore too much make-up, I was too smart, too pretty, too “out there” or “too” something!

The best thing, my sister Denise ever taught me, after she made a video of my life, accompanied by Cyndi Lauper’s song, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” was that too many people wanted to “hide me away from the rest of the world” and I should just go out and “walk in the sun!”

The truth is, I wanna be the one to walk in the sun!  And I know that God wants this for me as well.  I believe he wants this for all of us!  So go shine your light and don’t dim yourself down for anyone!


So how do we do this – shining our light thing?

Sometimes it can be as easy as smiling at someone.  I have rarely smiled at someone and not had them smile back, even if all they can muster is a little smirk.  Saying good morning to the people you pass on the walking trail is shining our light.   Let’s be honest, we don’t always feel like doing this, especially if some people do not reciprocate our efforts.  However, I have actually made it my purpose before I go for a walk  that I will say good morning to everyone I see with no expectation of the outcome and it buffers those times when someone isn’t ready or capable of expressing back the same salute.

Another way to shine our light, is if we are having any kind of conversation with a cashier, or someone who is in their work place, ask their name and introduce yourself.  People like to be acknowledged and simply asking their name or repeating it occasionally during a short conversation can make them feel seen.

Obviously, when we volunteer or help a friend or help out in our community, we are shining our light.  However, God’s G.P.S. is not complicated.  He will arrange Divine Appointments if we ask him and this may simply be picking up a loose can of vegetables someone dropped in front of us or opening a door for someone.

Often times, this might lead to a short conversation and who knows this other person might illuminate our day instead.  One thing is for sure, what I have learned from this experience is that God is more than willing to bless us – usually unexpectedly – I believe the Big Guy in the Sky loves surprising us.  Maybe because he knows everything that has, is and will happen and he never gets a surprise; he loves to lavish them on us!  I don’t know.  What I know is that rarely have I ever shone my light and not had His light or some illumination return to my own life.

Don’t be afraid!  Go shine your light on someone today and then wait and see how that light bends back towards you!

"Ours is the responsibility to keep our lights bright for others to follow." --Thomas S. Monson #LDS #Mormon

Cyndi Lauper:  Go Walk in the Sun and Have Fun!





Hope On A Rope: Are you at the end of yours?



Are you at the END of your ROPE?

Centuries ago, when a lamb would stray from the flock, sometimes, its Shepherd would purposely maim it and then proceed to carry the lamb over his shoulders until it grew dependent on him.  Then, when it was healed, it would be allowed to walk on its own.  After that, it identified so strongly with its Shepherd that it would never stray from him or the flock again.  It knew that in its need, it was its Shepherd that would take care of it.

Though, at first, it would appear that the suffering that the Shepherd allowed the lamb to go through was painful; it was actually for its own good.  The HOPE that came out of it, was the lamb would never lose its way again and it learned to trust and have CONFIDENCE in the Shepherd’s ability to look after it.

A Year Like No Other

A few years ago, I was that lamb!  And, I suspect that there are a number of “lambs” today that at one time or another or maybe right now, have been broken, lost or have strayed from the flock and might need some help being led back to it.

It was the year of 2007-8.  I had a great deal of disappointment and sad events in my life.  When I look back on them, I’m not even sure how I kept going.  I was going through my 2nd divorce (double feelings of failure!); I had to walk away from my church of two years, and because of my divorce, move out of my home.  Worst of all, I lost my father to a massive heart attack, followed by a week later, having to put down my dog of twelve years, who I loved more than you can possibly know.   I know, it sounds like a bad country song!

I was at the end of my rope!

In fact, not only was I at the end of it, I could not see anything below me or in front of me to grab on to.  There were nights, when I felt like dying.  There were nights when I felt like giving up.  There were nights, when I felt like God had forgotten about me.  And yet, there was always something that got me through and it’s not tangible and it’s not visible.  It’s not even rational or logical: It is a thing, called HOPE.

I never lost HOPE and I’ll tell you why:

I can’t describe it well, except that it was like a little ember deep within me.  It is within all of us – this little flame – that never goes out as long as we have God.  And sometimes, when we are the sheep going along with the flock like we should be, we don’t even know it’s there.

It’s usually in those times, when we get lost and things seem dark and lonely that this little ember is rekindled and grows and burns.  I can honestly say that it has most often been in those moments of deep despair and loneliness that I can feel it the most.  This is why, though it is not fun and sometimes it even makes me angry, I understand that the pain we go through is worth it, simply because we are suddenly made more aware of this thing, called Hope.

We’ve all experienced it.  In a moment of despair or confusion, it can come upon us like a bright light or a warm feeling in the pit of our stomach and suddenly, amidst all of the chaos, we hear ourselves saying, “It IS going to be all right!  I can get through this!  This too shall pass!

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be some huge event that brings us hope and pulls out of our despair.  It can be in the little things we enjoy.   And that is exactly what HOPE is – if it were tangible at all, it would be what we hang on to.  It’s that knot at the END of our ROPE – that CONFIDENT hope that God will make it better, either by easing the pain or giving us the strength to keep going or perhaps, giving us something that we have lost.

And suddenly, amidst our pain, we become aware again of the things or people for whom we still have to live; the goals we still want to accomplish or the dreams we still envision!

Although I lost my marriage, my home, my church, my father and my dog in the span of one year, I gained a great deal.  I gained an unlimited, unshakable feeling of HOPE for my future.  And God is a God of RESTORATION and as the year passed; here is how I was also given physical, tangible hope:

I know for a fact that God not only gives us internal hope in our times of trouble, but he also gives back to us the things that are taken from us.  When my husband left, God gave me something wonderful to focus on – he helped me publish my first novel that year.  When I lost my house, a wonderful apartment in a building where a number of my friends lived became available.  When I had no money to pay for that apartment, God provided a full-time teaching job. When I was alone, He opened doors for me to make new friends.

When I lost my church, God led me to a new one.  When I lost my father, He surrounded me with my six siblings, my mother and my father’s youngest sister, who became and still is a wonderful friend to me and often I can hear my own father’s wisdom and kindness in her words to me and it comforts me greatly.   When I had to put my dog down, God gave me the strength and the peace amidst the sadness.  And of course, another little Maltese came along about two months later, who I named Francesca, because it means “Free one” and I still hold her on my lap as I write this!

In our times of trouble, here is what God wants for us:

God, the source of HOPE, will fill you completely with JOY and PEACE BECAUSE you TRUST in him.  Then you will overflow with CONFIDENT HOPE through the power of the Holy Spirit.” {Romans 15:13}

If you are at the beginning, middle or the end of your rope, though you may not see the ground beneath or be able to grab hold of anything just yet, hang on a little while longer, because threaded through that rope, is God’s HOPE and he will NEVER let go of you, no matter how slack your grip.

I know this now, for sure:  That God loves us and though he does not guarantee we will not go through the rough waters and the fire, he does guarantee that He will not let us drown or get burnt and he will fan the flames of HOPE within us.

The truth is, if our lives were perfect and we were never maimed or in pain, we would never feel the need for our flock or for our Shepherd.  I have found, that it is in those very times of trouble, that we need both.

Being honest and open about our pain is to make us vulnerable and that’s okay.  We are vulnerable, because we are human.  And the other lambs that walk with us; also like to feel needed.  Never underestimate how your needs can make someone else feel like they have a purpose as well.  You may not be the only one who is at the end of your rope and in reaching out, you may be tying a knot in the end of that other person’s rope to help them hang on.

We are the lambs in God’s flock and through our pain, we grow to be strong, while we are resting on his broad shoulders.  God’s unlimited love and grace is the HOPE on my ROPE!

G.P.S. Adventure – Spilling the Beans about my Divine Coffee Run

This is what I call this story:   All “Coffee’d” up and no place to go! 

Do you know what a prompting is?

Prompting is when a thought, idea or feeling – more like inspiration – enters your mind or your being – to take action and do something, usually out of your comfort zone – or at least your convenient zone.

I believe I have had many, many, many of these throughout my life; some I have ignored, some I have given thought to; and some I have actually listened to and acted upon and ultimately, I have never been disappointed by what God was telling me to do.

You know why?  Because usually it’s a prompting to say or do something kind for someone else – and in blessing someone, I am the one who gets blessed.

I am going to tell you about one of these that happened today, but I can and will share many more and they will hopefully inspire you to begin looking for what I call Divine Appointments in your every day life.

My commute to work is quite long; and most who know me, even though I don’t complain about it often, know that I would prefer a shorter commute.  However, I decided to do two things to change MY perspective about my drive to work:

#1:  I began listening to tapes/Cds of books and other inspirational stories so that my drive actually has become more enjoyable (and now, I sometimes don’t want to get out of my car because I want to listen to the rest of the message!).

#2:  I prayed to God to “position” me to see more opportunities for what I call, Divine Appointments – opportunities to help or simply meet someone from whom I have something to learn.  These Divine Appointments are also a chance to be the hands of Jesus and who wouldn’t want to work for him?

These D.A’s have came in many forms, but one recent example, was in the form of an elderly woman, about a month ago, wobbling down a main street in which I take to work – appearing to be very confused, almost ready to pass out.  I had to backtrack to her as I couldn’t stop anywhere in the four lanes of traffic.  Eventually, when I was able to park,  I walked with her, calling 911 as I was holding her up, until finally her husband came in a car – she perhaps had dementia, but I never had a chance to ask – and swooped her up and took her to the hospital.

That day I had a chance to feel good about myself that I stopped and hopefully prevented the very disoriented woman from walking into traffic and being hurt.  I thanked God – I am sure it was He who prompted me to stop as he cares about all of his children – and went on my way, after saying a prayer for her healing.

Since that day, I’ve been anticipating “promptings” from my G.P.S.: God Positioning System for more Divine Appointments.   Quite interestingly, for the past few months, I was already praying for safety for a group of construction/road repair guys out working in the bitter cold and today was no exception, except that I believe the prompting was to go and buy them coffees and tell them this:  God sees the work you do every day and He wants you to know he appreciates it.  Thank you for working in the elements and cold weather every single day so we can have safe roads.

The problem is that where they are doing their work, there’s very little space to safely stop a vehicle.  And many days, I thought of doing it, but I thought well, by the time I go and get the coffees and bring them back and then try to park in this dangerous area, the coffees will be cold, so why bother?

Truth be told, however, I hadn’t really given up the idea; but I was definitely waiting for the right moment.  So today, while having the day off – and it being  minus 19 degrees out; there was more than a prompt –  I suddenly started to get very excited about providing hot coffees to these guys and knew it was time!

I had the time and there was the need.  So, I headed to Tim Horton’s, but not before asking God, how many coffees to get because I didn’t want to arrive being short and have some guys not get one.   I was prompted to purchase SIX coffees; milk and sugar on the side with a box of Tim Horton’s timbits.

Okay.  Got them.  Drove back, and on the way, the dreaded thought came to me:  It’s around noon hour; what if these guys have gone for lunch?  So I began to drive faster; and then I decided to slow down as I thought to myself, hey wait a minute, if God prompted me to do this; won’t he make sure the guys are there?  Sure, I thought.  Trust God!

So, after turning myself around twice on the on-ramps and off-ramps, I finally got to the place where I needed to sneak in between the bright, orange pylons.  And you know, not one guy was to be found.  They’d gone on lunch and the whole site was closed down.  I couldn’t believe it.  I almost started to cry because I felt so stupid.  I had six coffees and a box of 40 timbits and nowhere to go and no one to give them to.

Did I hear you wrong God?  Why did I feel such a prompt to do this today of all days, just to find out they’d all left and I had no idea when – or if – they’d be returning.  So I drove off with my numerous java, feeling dejected.

Then, I remembered another time when I thought I had heard from God and went to deliver something to someone, but that person wasn’t home and within about 5 minutes God put someone else in my path who needed what I was delivering even more, and I would never have otherwise crossed this person’s path.

So, I said to God:  Where do I go now?  Is there another construction site somewhere with six guys?  I mean, I could just park somewhere and begin giving out coffees but some people might think I’m nuts and want to poison them!

Funny enough, for the first time in my life, I couldn’t find another construction site anywhere!  How many can we find all over the city when we LEAST want them!  I’m looking for one and can’t find one!

So, I continued to drive and I said this to God:  Okay, I’m going to trust you to “prompt” me again and let me “know” where to go. 

I drove about ten minutes, until boom, it hit me.  There was  a fire station that I drive by every day and notice their funny, but educational signs out front to remind people of fire safety and to change batteries in their smoke alarms.  I knew it was a very small community fire station but that’s where I felt God was telling me to go.

The funny thing is that last summer, I had a conversation with one of my friends about how we should deliver a care package to our firefighters to show them appreciation, but we never did get around to it and I forgot all about it.  So, I pulled into this little fire station and grabbed the stacked coffees and bag of sugar/cream and box of timbits.  I rang the doorbell as the outside doors were locked.

I won’t lie:  as a single female I was feeling pretty weird walking into a fire station, but I humbled myself and rang the bell anyway.  After a few seconds, one guy opened the door and of course, I had no idea what to say, so this is what came out of my mouth:

Are there six guys in here?

The guy just looked at me and said, You need six guys?

Realizing how strange my question must have sounded, I said (which probably didn’t sound any less strange!):   God told me to pick up six coffees and I was supposed to deliver them and tell you that He sees the hard work you do and appreciates it very much and to keep at it.   I didn’t mention the part about the original plan of construction workers!

He smiled and said:  “Well, actually there’s five of us.”

Then, all of a sudden,  one by one, five guys walked out into the little lobby.  The second guy, after realizing what I had for them, corrected the first, and said, “Actually, usually there’s only five of us, but our buddy’s here visiting so there’s six today!”

I smiled; and I felt my heart expand because I knew who told me to get SIX coffees.   I said, “Well, I’m glad, because I hate when God gets his numbers wrong!  Here you go.  Enjoy.”

They all smiled and thanked me and I could tell how much they appreciated the coffee and I think the message as well.

What I learned from this Divine Appointment is this:

1.  Timing of hearing God’s word is important.

2.  Even if you get it a little wrong, God’s GPS will put you right again.

3. Nothing God asks you to do goes to waste – he will always provide you the means, the desire and the opportunity to fulfil what he is asking or prompting you to do and in the end, it will bless you even more than the people you think you are supposed to be helping.

So are you ready to go out today and ask God to prompt you and arrange Divine Appointments?  It may take you a little out of your comfort and your convenient zone, but I guarantee, it will put you in such a great zone for the rest of they day (and maybe the whole week as you share your cool story with people) that you will never regret being the hands and feet of God! 

The bottom line is, when I find myself having a latte of issues with my own G.P.S. God’s is always working to keep me grounded! 


What We Focus On, Grows

Let Us Not Limit God!

Sometimes our attention to something can be important, like driving.  No one likes a distracted driver!  Sometimes, however, if we are focusing so much on one thing; we can miss other things or opportunities in our lives.  For a great example of this watch this video at the end of this post. This is the same if we focus on negative things in our lives, whether that be illness, pain, debt, lack, insecurity, worry, regret or un-forgiveness.  We will no doubt see more of it in our lives and be presented with more experiences that confirm our beliefs about it! Why?

Because it is a universal law that what we focus on, think about or worry about actually expands and becomes our reality.  This is why after we finish praying, petitioning and thanking God for what He is doing in our lives; we are to keep our focus on the positive and be at peace.  This is why scripture also states: …And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.  {Philippians 4:7-9}

Too often, after we pray for or about something, we go right back to thinking or worrying about our problem. I have a wonderful story of a very close friend who when given a death sentence, chose to focus on what was “right” and “pure” and “lovely”.   Over 13 years ago, at the age of 25, she was diagnosed suddenly, after a seizure, with a grade 4 cancerous brain tumour and given 18 months to live.  She was pursuing her modeling career in Toronto at the time and this was a devastating blow to her, her family and those around her who loved her. She was told by her doctors that they could cut out most of her tumour, but that there was nothing they could do to save her life because the tumour actually had roots that went down into her brain cavity and were inoperable.

Do you know how she responded?  She told the doctors she wanted the surgery anyway, even though it meant losing her long strands of beautiful hair, her modelling career and could cause irreparable damage to her memory and brain functions.  And then she told them – and us – something else.  She said that this cancer would not take her life, that she wasn’t going to focus on the tumour;  but she would be focusing on her healing and the power of God instead!

She began to eat differently, went to homeopathic doctors, pursued any activity – when she wasn’t feeling sick from the radiation and chemotherapy – that was fun and made her laugh.  She took her focus completely off of the tumour and refused to speak of it or give it any attention!  And do you know what that blasted tumour did?  It grew back – a second time!  And still the doctors told her she was sentenced to death – by their worldly knowledge of cancer – even though almost two years had passed. So, she had it removed again and then she went right back to praying, loving, living and having fun.

In 2002 when Pope John Paul came to Toronto, by miracle or sheer determination of a mutual friend of ours, who had written to ask if our friend could be one of the ones that was blessed by the Pope on his visit, our friend was chosen!  She said, “I’m going to get blessed by the Pope and get my miracle!” She did and John Paul laid his hand upon her head – not knowing that she had a brain tumour at all – and blessed her! That was in the fall of 2002.

By February 2003 – even though her doctors knew in late September, but didn’t want to get her hopes up, if you can imagine – she was told that her tumour, roots and all had completed and miraculously disappeared!  Now, in 2015 my friend is cancer-free, living, loving and still having fun.

Do I think this is possible for everyone?  Yes.  Do I wonder why some get their miracle and others do not?  Yes.  Am I hear to pass judgment on God and what prayers get answered and what ones do not?  No.  What I am here to do is to help heal – emotionally, physically and psychologically whomever God puts in my path by either my teachings, my prayers, or my hands (if that’s how he instructs me) and trust that if HE wants me to share these stories, there has to be a reason.

So what do I believe?  I believe that God does not discriminate and therefore what is “available” to one, is available to all.  I believe that our bodies are great instruments of communication and they are constantly sending messages to our brain and to us.  I believe that if we were to actually love ourselves enough to be at peace – to have full faith – to focus on what IS right in the world and what IS right with us – to stop telling ourselves that we are “broken”  and to focus as Joseph Prince states: “On the 99% of our bodies that is healthy, instead of the 1% that isn’t”, we would see more healings, more transformations in this present day.

Why do I believe this and who told me this?   Jesus did when he said: Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?  {Matthew 6:25} And when he said this: Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. {John 14:12}

My faith in healing is great because I also have two sisters who have overcome the odds of a brain tumour and multiple sclerosis.  What else can I do but write about these miracles – and my belief in scripture’s promises and in healing – even if some are offended or disagree – I put my faith in what God says is possible; not what humans think – and are constantly being told by doctors based on PRESENT day knowledge and medicine – is possible. Remember, mankind once believed the earth was flat and fought to the death to prove they were right!

I believe in miracles.

I believe in the power of the human spirit and our minds – once they are made up!  Maybe this will inspire you too! How our Focus affects what we see:

Inspirational video on man who didn’t listen to his doctors: