Living an Amplified Life

Are you Unplugged or Amplified?

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I’ve finally become the partner I’ve always wanted!  – Unknown

If you are single or longing to be, I welcome you to not only accept, but embrace the fact that you were born by yourself; you will leave this world by yourself and ultimately, you are choosing to navigate this one and only living experience by yourself; and yet you are NOT alone because 117 million singles are currently on this planet.

The urban or modern version of “unplugged” means to be “disconnected” or without help from an outside source of amplification.

Many of us might feel this way living single, because this is what mainstream media (watch a Hallmark movie and you’ll know what I mean) or social media tells us.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s taken me a long time to really, REALLY be content with living a single life.

And, that doesn’t mean I’m disconnected or without help – it means I have a choice to be “plugged” in to myself – my own consciousness – and my fellow human beings and the world.

This blog is exploring meaningful and practical ways to live an amplified – and contented (I avoid using “happy’ because happiness is a transient, fleeting emotion) life without being in a relationship.

I’m also here to tell you that that doesn’t mean living without affection, company, sex or any other thing that people believe they can only get within a relationship.

This blog will explore all the ways in which to have your needs met in a meaningful way and to authentically be glad – maybe for the first time in your life – that you are not coupled up.


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